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Speakers for the 2020 NightScaper Conference

Speakers for the 2020 NightScaper Conference, May 20-22, in Kanab, Utah. The largest and most comprehensive "Astro-Landscape Photography" conference ever assembled—28 speaker experts and 'legends' from 4 countries! Twelve returning speakers from our 2019 conference (with all new programs), and 16 new speakers.

Tickets and accommodations are going fast. Make your conference reservations now!

DISCOUNTS: Many of these speakers are offering discount coupon codes of up to $100 off. Check their websites and social media postings.


Alan Dyer - Co-author of the popular guidebook, The Backyard Astronomer’s Guide, and author of the ebook, How to Photograph and Process Nightscapes and Time-Lapses. Alan will present two programs: "Chasing the Northern Lights" and "Diving into Deep-Sky Photography."

Brad Goldpaint - 2018 winner of the Astronomy Photographer of the Year and producer of the upcoming time-lapse film, “Illusion of Light." Brad’s program, “Photographing the Milky Way with Moonlight,” might sound counter-intuitive, but the results may surprise you. One of the most challenging aspects of night photography is capturing the dark, ambiguous landscape beneath a starry night.  Artificial lights and longer exposures can be used to help avoid this problem, but what if there was a natural way to bring life to your images?

Ben Canales - Ben is one of the earliest nightscape innovators. In 2011, he received international attention as National Geographic's Travel Photo of the Year. Ben's program, "Humans in Night Photos–Yourself or Others," will talk about the power of adding the human figure into a night shot, and how that can be just you or friend/model you bring along.

Yuri Beletsky - Yuri is an international astro-landscape photographer and a professional astronomer from Chile. "Living in Chile, the country famous by its dark clear skies, gives me a unique opportunity to reveal the majesty of our cosmos and to share my passion with people around the world." Yuri will do two programs: "Natural color of the night sky," and "Mastering panoramic images of the Milky Way."

Jack Fusco -  Jack was a recent TEDx speaker about nightscape photography. His upcoming conference program, "The Art of Chasing the Shot," embraces the journey of both failure and success to elevate your images and storytelling. In Part II, Jack covers "Capturing vs. Creating" – finding where your personal line gets drawn.

2nd Row:
Ron Risman - Producer and director of dozens of timelapse videos that have received national attention in advertising and documentaries, Ron's program, "8 Ways to Improve Your Astro Photography with Timelapse," you'll learn how capturing a time lapse can benefit you when you're in the field. Few night photographers actually stay out long enough to capture time lapse footage. But there are eight reasons why time lapse footage has quickly become the swiss-army knife of astro photography.

Eric Gail - Eric’s program will show you how to “Master the Power of Photoshop.” The owner and founder of the Adventure Photography Network, Eric has been color processing and retouching for Hollywood and the music industry for more than 30 years. His work can be seen on TV, online and in print all over the world. He has logged more than 40K hours in Photoshop and has taught on a corporate level.

Bryony Richards - Bryony's program, "Nightscapes and Science: what stories are your photos hiding?," will focus on some of the scientific elements of nightscape photography including: Airglow versus aurora. Airglow colors and their significance—how can you enhance airglow in your images Telling the difference between planes, satellites, meteors, comets, or iridium flares. Composition of meteors based upon color. Chemistry of nebula and how getting this right can help your color balancing!

Joshua Snow - Josh’s program, “Verge of Reality,” discusses the mindset of conceiving a vision for your imagery, and bringing it to life in post processing through creative choices, staying true to the art and dealing with the mental struggles of being an artist. Josh will help you move away from just "taking photos" to a higher level that transports the viewer into your soul.

Aaron King - Producer of the popular Photog Adventures series of podcasts, video tutorials and workshops, Aaron will do two programs: "Know your Cosmos!" (Key tips and tricks to know when and where your Milky Way Opportunity will be.) "Milky way Panoramas!" (Why something you think is hard is actually the easiest thing ever and you still only need Lightroom to do it!)

3rd Row:
Christine Kenyon - A popular writer on nightscape photography, Christine's program, “Come Along on a Virtual Nightscape Adventure,” will take you on a nightscaper adventure; executing a plan, from concept to completion. Through immersive multimedia you will be transported "virtually" from the conference room to the field.

Wayne Pinkston - Co-founder of the Low Level Lighting method for landscapes, Wayne will present an extensive step-by-step program on how he does his unique artificial landscape lighting, showcased with his amazing nightscape panoramas.

Russell Brown - A live performance of the 'Russell Brown Show' is not to be missed! As Senior Principal Designer at Adobe Systems Inc. and an Emmy Award-winning instructor, his ability to both teach and entertain has endeared him to audiences around the world. His program, "The Wonders of all Things Mobile," pushes the boundaries of mobile phone technology to capture long exposure night photography.

Miles Morgan - A professional airline pilot, based in the Pacific Northwest, Miles' unique style of twilight photography is proof that there is much more to nightscapes than just capturing the Milky Way! You'll discover this in his program, "Finding Variety in Night Sky Photography.”

Bettymaya Foott - Bettymaya is the Director of Engagement for the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA). A fellow nightscaper, her passion for saving our night skies from the encroachment of light pollution is contagious! Her program, “Save the Stars,” will both enlighten your understanding and move you to action.

4th row:
Mike Berenson - Mike is the founder and lead instructor at Night Photography Workshop and owner of Colorado Captures fine art photography. His program, “Stacking Deep Dive,” will look at stacking multiple exposures - including how it's done and why you'd want to use it. Mike has a second program,  "NightScaping Without Wanting To Kill Someone," on how to keep shooting NightScapes fun for everyone.

Marc Toso - Marc's website and program, "Ancient Skies," focuses on humanity’s relationship with the night sky. Marc will discuss archeoastronomy, how night photography intersects science, culture and religion and how learning about and appreciating the night sky can ultimately teach us about ourselves, our origins and humanity’s place in the universe.

Roger Clark - A planetary and NASA scientist, with over 300 scientific papers to his credit, Dr. Clark's programs will cover "Natural colors in the night sky," and "Post processing to preserve star and nebula colors."

5th row:
David Kingham - David’s program, “There is more to the Night Sky than the Milky Way Core!” will expand creative horizons. You’ll learn how photograph and process meteor shower image files to create something that actually looks like a shower! Are you putting away your cameras in the winter? David will show you why the winter is his favorite time to photograph the night sky!

Mike Shaw - Author of two books on astro-landscape photography. Mike’s program, “Astronomy 101 for Nightscapers,” will give you a crash course with fun facts about the Earth’s place in the Solar System, Milky Way and Universe, and how the Earth’s daily and annual movements give you ever-changing views of the cosmos. You’ll also explore the lesser photographed features of the Earth’s night atmosphere.

Eric Benedetti - Eric's program, "Tracking Mounts: Increasing Accessibility to Astrophotography and Nightscapes," will help dispel the myth that people need to spend thousands of dollars on things like Full Frame cameras, highly expensive and specific lenses, and other equipment that the photography community considers the norm!

Wenjie Qiao - Sony World Photography National Awards Winner and author of Planit Pro, an app utilized virtual viewfinder to plan landscape photos precisely. Wenjie’s program is about “Planning Night Photography in an Easy Way”. It will not only cover the Milky Way, but also every aspect that you can possibly plan in the starry night. You will find out how his creative planning ideas can also be part of your night photography workflow.

Ryan Smith - Ryan will help your define your vision as a photographer and as a businessperson. He will do three programs: "Photography, the perfect Side Hustle" - Tips for making your passion pay it’s own way. "Photographer or Artist" - Defining your own personal vision that’s best for you. "Photography Life is a journey, not a competition" - Enjoying the craft without “playing the game.”

6th row:
David Swindler - Creating high-quality panoramic images at night is much more difficult than during the day. David's program, “Creating Extraordinary Night Panoramics” will discuss his best tips and tricks to putting together the perfect night panoramic image from shooting to post-processing.

Mike Taylor - Mike and Sonia Taylor operate the freelance imaging studio out of a 19th century farmhouse in central Maine. Mike’s program, “New England Night Photography,” discusses how Maine is one of the last bastions that offers dark skies on the east coast. Behind the Scenes graphics and RAW files show how he blends long foreground exposures with the night sky.

Derek Sturman - Derek's program, "Perceiving and Portraying Reality," will present the methods by which photographers attempt to replicate an entire experience within the confined dimensions of an image. Using Photoshop, you will be able to express more of the emotion or experience from that moment than the camera is able to capture. Derek will focus on composites as well and blended images and the method of creating art that replicates an experience rather than just an exact mechanical replication of a moment.

Ross Schram von Haupt - Although camera technology has come a long way, night photography still faces a lot of complications, including noise, coma and astigmatism. Ross' program, "Techniques for Clean Night Shots," will cover several in field and post processing techniques to overcome these limitations.

Royce Bair - Founder of the NightScaper Conference, author of the eBook, Milky Way NightScapes, and co-founder of the Low Level Lighting method for astro-landscapes; Royce will present two programs: "Nightscape Ethics," and "Advanced Techniques for Low Level Lighting."

A more complete and descriptive schedule will be published in November.

Monday, August 12, 2019

Learn Milky Way NightScape photography

Milky Way 'nightscape' photography over
Palouse Falls ~ single exposure by Royce Bair.

Most of these starry nightscape photos,
by Royce Bair, are single exposures

Four Ways to Learn Milky Way NightScape Photography...

1. Attend the NightScaper Conference. Over 28 top speakers from four countries will instruct you on dozens of nightscape photography techniques and skills (here's a sample presentation by one our 2020 speakers and a presentation from one of our 2019 conference speakers). You'll be able to network with 300 like-minded photographers for 3 days, and go out and shoot at night in one of the least light-polluted areas in the world, that is close to 3 national parks and 3 national monuments.

Don't delay! Conference tickets and hotel rooms are going fast.

DISCOUNTS - Get $100 to $200 off your conference registration: Use discount coupon code ROYCE100 at checkout for $100 off your conference registration. Use discount coupon code 4SURE200 at checkout for $200 off your conference registration (there are no refunds using this discount code).

Top 12 night photos featured last year on
Royce Bair's NightScaper Instagram account

2. Free: Follow Royce Bair's NightScaper Instagram account and his NightScaper Facebook group. Both of these galleries showcase some of the best Milky Way and night sky astro-landscape photographers in the world. Many of the images featured also give behind-the-scenes information on how the images were taken, including technique and EXIF. Royce's Instagram account has over 300,000 followers, and the NightScaper Facebook group has over 25,000 members.

“Two Rivers” ~ The Dark River (a.k.a.
The Great Rift in the Milky Way) rising
over Colorado River in Grand Canyon. 

3. Free: Follow this blog - Royce Bair's Into The Night Photography. There are hundreds of How-To articles here. Popular articles include: How to Shoot the Milky Way • Post Processing NightScapes • NightScapes in the Grand Canyon • Creating Natural NightScapes • Overcoming Lens Coma • Video Hangout with my Friends.

4. Read Royce Bair's Milky Way NightScapes eBook. This book is considered the "Bible" for astro-landscape photography by thousands of photographers, world-wide! Get 25% off when you use discount code TWAN at checkout!

Monday, July 8, 2019

Youth Mentoring at NightScaper Conference

Youth Mentoring at the NightScaper Conference. Bring your son/daughter or grandson/granddaughter to the 2020 NightScaper Conference and get a 2 for 1 Youth Mentoring discount—you both get into the conference for the price of a single registration! To encourage a greater number of younger photographers to experience the wonders of nightscape photography, we are offering a limited number of 2 for 1 discounts for guardians who bring a youth (18 years or younger) to the conference with them. This 3-day conference (May 20-22, 2020) in Kanab, Utah will be a great opportunity to bond with a youth and introduce them to some of the most amazing night photography speakers on our planet. Read below for our 2 for 1 discount details...

How to Register Your Mentored Youth for the NightScaper Conference:

1. Your mentored youth must currently be 18 years or younger at the time of registration.
2. You must be the mentored youth's legal guardian, parent or grandparent.
3. Go to the conference registration page and click on the ORDER button. The normal registration price is $599.00 per person. You are going to register twice. Once for the youth (with a discount of $499), and once for yourself (with a discount of $100), for a total net price of $599 for two people.
4. In the Secure Checkout, enter YOUR email address. In the First Name and Last Name boxes, enter the youth's first and last name. Enter YOUR Phone Number. Now click the NEXT button.

5. On the second check out page you should see the youth's first and last name under the PERSONAL INFORMATION, followed by your email address and phone number. Enter YOUR credit card PAYMENT INFORMATION, with your BILLING ADDRESS information, with YOUR first and last name.

6. Below the Billing Address information is the + Add a coupon code. Click on the + Add a coupon code.

7. Enter the YOUTH499 discount coupon code and press the APPLY button.
8. Now press the NEXT button and review / submit your order. Your registration fee for the youth should only be $100.

9. Go back to the conference registration page and place a new order for yourself. Enter in only your own personal information and billing information, then click on the + Add a coupon code. Enter the GUARDIAN100 discount coupon code (for a $100 discount) and press the APPLY button. After pressing the NEXT button, your personal registration fee should now be $499. Combined with the youth registration fee, the total for the two of you should be $599 (2 for 1)!

NOTE: If you had already previously registered for the conference, we will make a connection with the YOUTH registration and your previous registration. If you had already paid full price ($599) for your own registration, we will send you a $100 refund.

- - -

Monday, May 20, 2019

Finding Your Way Back at Night

Little white LED "Ball" lights were used to find my way to and from these hoodoos in Goblin Valley, Utah. I also used yellow colored ball lights for low-level accent lighting behind the hoodoos. Some were placed under white plastic drinking cups to produce a soft, omnidirectional glow. 

Goblin Valley hoodoo maze
Returning to your pre-scouted location: Scouting for a nighttime photo location can difficult even in the daytime if you are in maze like Goblin Valley State Park, Utah (enlarge to see the people at the bottom of this inset photo). Finding you way back to the chosen the spot for the final Milky Way alignment can be nearly impossible without leaving a marked trail! What you need are electronic "Hansel and Gretel" bread crumbs—not the ones in the famed story that were eaten by the birds, causing the poor children to wander!

LED Ball Lights can be your electronic "bread crumbs!" Strategically placed, they will light your way to your pre-scouted shooting location and guide you back for your return. I've decided to nicknamed them "eCrumbs." Although I typically use tracks I've created in Gaia GPS to find my way back on long pre-scouted trails, eCrumbs work much better for shorter trails, and to mark strategic turns where one might get confused at night.

LED "Ball" lights - only about $0.15 each

Turned on by pulling tab between batteries

Quite bright at night - battery life is 2 to 4 days

Ball light in daylight marking the trail 

Two ball lights mark the trail at night

CAUTION: The LED Ball lights can attract critters! In a recent nightscape photo shoot at Rainbow Bridge near the Utah / Arizona border, we discovered that at nearly every spot we placed a light on the ground or a rock there was a scorpion next to the ball light!

Brick coke ovens lit inside by ball
lights. Photo by Robert McKendrick
Multiple Uses: These LED Ball Lights can also be used to mark the locations of where you've pre-placed Low-Level-Lighting (LLL) in the daytime, so you can return and turn these lights on. I've also placed the little lights under the tripods of cameras doing timelapse sequences so I can find them in the dark without using headlamps or flashlights. My friend, Robert McKendrick, who first introduced me to these little lights uses them to do LLL accent lighting behind foreground features or to light inside these pioneer coke ovens in central Utah. You can use the white LED color lights and wrap any color filter around them, like he did using a warming gel, or you can purchase the LED color you prefer (I prefer the yellow and white LEDs). You can control the intensity of the light by adding or subtracting the number of ball lights you use at each location, and by used diffusion tools like upside down white plastic drinking cups or tissue paper.

WHERE TO BUY: These lights are typically sold under the description of "LED Mini Round Ball Balloon Lights" or "Ball Lights for Paper Lanterns" or "Balloon Party Wedding Decoration Lights." They are usually sold in packages of 50, 100 or 200 lights. Some of the lights I've gotten in the past have been defective (about 10-20% didn't turn on when I pulled the tab). I'm currently buying my White LED Ball lights from this Amazon 'Prime' vendor, and have yet to get a defective light. I get my Yellow LED Ball lights from this Amazon 'Prime' vendor, and have had the same satisfaction (they also carry Blue, Green, Red and Multicolored lights).

Pick Up Your Trash! As I return from my shooting locations, I pick up my lights, one by one and place them in a zip-lock sandwich bag that contains the little tabs (that were pulled to turn on the lights). You can place the tabs back in between the two little batteries and reuse the ball lights at another time. Two or three reuses is about max, as the light only has about 50% of its original brightness by the end of 72 hours of use.

Water Resistant?  I recently got rained out at a nightscape photo location. As I headed back to the car, I gathered up each little ball light, some partially covered with rain water and mud, but every one was still glowing!

- - -

Saturday, May 18, 2019

NightScaper Conference Comments

Corona Arch panorama © Marybeth Kiczenski. Taken during the 2019 NightScaper Conference.
The 2020 NightScaper Conference will take place May 20-22 in Kanab, Utah USA. Here are some of the unsolicited comments from the 2019 NightScaper Conference held May 1-3 in Moab, UT USA:

"One of the best events I have ever attended." - Bob Coorsen

"The cost of the conference is minimal in comparison to the knowledge gained and friendships created." - Terry H.

"It was well planned, coordinated and executed.  I have been involved in quite a few conference events in my career and this was well done." - Matt D'Alessandro

"I was not in attendance, but I hosted a group from Atlanta who said they really loved the conference!" - Sean Camp

"This past conference was close to perfect." - Dave King

"Lots of great information from top speakers." - David Soldano

"I had a fantastic time and learned so much at this conference and the workshops. It was absolutely amazing to meet in person the people I've admired and have been inspired by. Also met a bunch of new found friends!" - Marybeth Kiczenski

"The conference was a home run, well done sir!" - J K Schow

"Congratulations for such a successful conference to you and your team and thanks for your time and passion in organizing this: there is certainly an incredible amount of work behind and I do appreciate this!" - Arnaldo Zannoni

"Thanks for a fabulous conference!!!!" - Joyce Harman

"I enjoyed the Conference very much, and look forward to the next one in 2020. I was able to reconnect with old friends and make some new ones while out shooting and at the Conference presentations." - Hal Mitzenmacher

"I thoroughly enjoyed the talks and overall tempo of the presentations—very well done." - John Buswell

- - -

Friday, May 10, 2019

NightScaper Conference Lodging in Kanab Utah

Our 2020 NightScaper Conference is being held May 20-22 in Kanab, Utah. For a town of only about 4,400 population, Kanab has a good number of hotels and motels. We'll need most of them since the conference will bring over 300 night photographers, along with all the other people who normally visit during this popular period of the year. May is not only one the most pleasant months of the year around Kanab, but it is also when the North Rim of the Grand Canyon opens each year (on May 15). You'll want to make your hotel reservations early for the best choices!

Number of Days to Book: In most cases, you'll want to come into Kanab and stay the night before (May 19) the conference begins, and check out the morning after (May 23) the conference ends—a total stay of four nights. However, if you plan to linger or do a workshop in the area, before or after the conference, this may change your itinerary.

Group Discount Rates: Please note that in most cases many of the hotel websites are not capable of receiving online reservations this early (almost a year out), and so we have made special arrangements with the hotels to accept your bookings and to give you a group discount (about 10% to 30% off the 2020 rates). In some cases those booking reservation are not as yet available in their computer systems from national headquarters, so you may have to come back here in a week or two to book your reservations. Also note that in many cases, the standard 2020 rates have not been publish yet by the national chains, and are often about 10% higher that current 2019 rates.

Hotel Distance from the Conference Center: The Kanab Conference Center is located near the center of the town (20 North 100 East). The most popular hotels will be those located only a few blocks walking distance from the Center (that distance is listed below the address of each hotel). Those staying further away will be able to drive and park at the 180+ parking stalls around the Center.

Hampton Inn Kanab - 81 rooms
98 South 100 East, Kanab, UT 84741
1/2 block from Kanab Conference Center
Website • TEL: +1-435-644-8282
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating: 4.5
Comments: Good brand name. New, modern hotel (1 year old). Very close to conference. Includes a hot breakfast.
NightScaper Conference group rate: $145.00 per night for 2 queen beds + tax.
Sorry, our block of discount rooms is now full. However, there are still rooms available at the regular rate of $198/night for a king bed, or $216/night for 2 queen beds.
- - -

Parry Lodge - 63 rooms
89 E Center St, Kanab, UT 84741
1/2 block from Kanab Conference Center
Website • TEL: +1-877-386-4383
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating: 4.0
Comments: Older hotel, but with great historical charm. Very close to conference. Includes a hot breakfast from an in-house restaurant.
NightScaper Conference group rate: $139.00 rate per night + tax
How to Book & Get Discount Group Rate: Call Central Reservations at 877-386-4383. Tell the agent it is for Parry Lodge, the group is "2020 Nightscaper Conference" and the dates you want.
- - -

Holiday Inn Express & Suites - 79 rooms
217 South 100 East, Kanab, UT 84741
2 blocks from Kanab Conference Center
Website • TEL: +1-435-644-3100
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating: 4.0
Comments: Good brand name. Newer hotel. Full breakfast included.
NightScaper Conference group rate: $149.00 rate per night + tax
How to Book & Get Discount Group Rate: Call the front desk directly between 8 am - 5 pm, at 435-644-3100, using the “NightScaper Conference” group name.
- - -

Comfort Suites - 82 rooms
150 W Center St, Kanab, UT 84741
2.5 blocks from Kanab Conference Center
Website • TEL: +1-435-644-8200
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating: 4.5
Comments: Good brand name. New, modern hotel. Hot breakfast included.
NightScaper Conference group rate: $135.20 rate per night + tax for single king rooms and $143.20 per night for double queen rooms
How to Book & Get Discount Group Rate: Call the front desk directly, at 435-644-8200, using the “NightScaper Conference” group name.
- - -

Best Western Red Hills - 74 rooms
125 W Center St, Kanab, UT 84741
2.5 blocks from Kanab Conference Center
Website • TEL: +1-435-644-2675
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating: 4.0
Comments: Brand name. Hot breakfast included.
NightScaper Conference group rate: $155.00 rate per night + tax
How to Book & Get Discount Group Rate: Call the front desk directly, at 435-644-2675, using the “NightScaper Conference” group name.
- - -

Aikens Lodge - 31 rooms
79 W Center St, Kanab, UT 84741
2 blocks from Kanab Conference Center
Website • TEL: +1-435-644-2625
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating: 4.0
Comments: Older hotel, with well-maintained 1950’s charm (managed by the Best Western owners, next door). 2 and 3-room suites available at attractive prices. Continental breakfast included.
NightScaper Conference group rate: $119.00 rate per night + tax
How to Book & Get Discount Group Rate: Call the front desk directly, at 435-644-2625, using the “NightScaper Conference” group name. NOTE: you can also book online using the “AAA” or “AARP” promo code for the same rate or better (be sure to check out the great 2 and 3-room suite rates).
- - -

La Quinta Inn & Suites - 94 rooms
465 South 100 East, Kanab, UT 84741
4 blocks from Kanab Conference Center
Website • TEL: +1-435-412-6670
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating: 4.5
Comments: National brand name. New hotel (1 year old). Free breakfast included.
NightScaper Conference group rate: $119.00 rate per night + tax
How to Book & Get Discount Group Rate: Call the front desk directly, at 435-412-6670, using the “NightScaper Conference” group name.
- - -

Canyons Boutique Hotel - 28 rooms
190 North 300 West, Kanab, UT 84741
5 blocks from Kanab Conference Center
Website • TEL: +1-435-644-8660
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating: 4.5
Comments: An elegant hotel with a hot breakfast buffet included in the adjoining Sego restaurant.
NightScaper Conference group rate: awaiting group rate (current rates start @ $151.50 / night + tax)
How to Book & Get Discount Group Rate: Discount is currently not available, but you can book online right now.
- - -

Rodeway Inn Kanab - 38 rooms
70 South 200 West, Kanab, UT 84741
3.5 blocks from Kanab Conference Center
Website • TEL: +1-435-644-5500
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating: 3.0
Comments: National brand name. An older hotel for those on a budget. Continental breakfast included.
NightScaper Conference group rate: $99.00 rate per night + tax
How to Book & Get Discount Group Rate: Call the front desk directly, at 435-644-5500, using the “NightScaper Conference” group name.
- - -

Additional Lodging
The following hotels have not been asked to provide discounts, but they may provide additional options as we get closer to the conference dates:

Canyons Lodge
236 N 300 W, Kanab, UT 84741
6 blocks from Kanab Conference Center
Website • TEL: +1-435-644-3069

Days Inn & Suites by Wyndham Kanab
296 W 100 N, Kanab, UT 84741
5 blocks from Kanab Conference Center
Website • TEL: +1-435-644-2562

Quality Inn Kanab
815 East, US-89, Kanab, UT 84741
11 blocks from Kanab Conference Center
Website • TEL: +1-435-644-8888

Redrock Country Inn
330 S 100 E, Kanab, UT 84741
4 blocks from Kanab Conference Center
Website • TEL: +1-435-644-8774

Sun-n-Sand Motel
347 S 100 E, Kanab, UT 84741
4 blocks from Kanab Conference Center
Website • TEL: +1-435-644-5050

Travelodge by Wyndham Kanab
386 E 300 S, Kanab, UT 84741
7 blocks from Kanab Conference Center
Website • TEL: +1-435-644-5373

This page is still under construction. Please return for updates...

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Nightscaper Conference Commemorative Poster

Nightscaper Conference Commemorative Poster 

Special limited edition run item for registered, Nightscaper 2019 attendees.

Luster printed 18"x24" commemorative poster for the first annual, 2019 Nightscaper Conference, taking place in Moab, Utah. This poster was designed by graphic artist and #LeaveItBetter activist, Phill Monson, who will also be at the conference exhibiting his unique outdoor designs on hats, shirts and stickers.

Note: this is a pre-order item and will be delivered at the conference and will not be shipped (however, a mailing tube will be provide to protect your poster inside your luggage).

- - -