Monday, January 19, 2015

Milky Way NightScapes eBook

The Milky Way over Lower Yellowstone Falls is the cover on Royce Bair's new "Milky Way NightScapes" eBook.
My original ebook, "Milky Way NightScapes" (Version 1.1) is available in PDF format (53MB), 140 pages, over 33,000 words of text, with over 490 illustrative images. $19.99 USD. Please scroll to the bottom of this post to place your order.

Note: My newly updated Version 2.0 is now available. Price is $39.99 .

Because my NightScapes have been widely published for three decades, many have copied my style. Although I'm not the first person to have ever used that label to describe my style of night photography, I was one of the first to use it extensively for starry night skies, with a landscape feature that has been enhanced by extra starlight, moonlight, or artificial light. Unlike other ebooks on night photography, Milky Way NightScapes concentrates almost exclusively on photographing starry night skies as points of light. There is only one page on star trails, and no instruction on how to photograph the moon, meteor showers, or other night sky features. This is book is very narrow-minded, and I think many will appreciate that.

The book is divided into four chapters: 1. Planning and Scouting, 2. Shooting NightScapes, 3. Lighting the Foreground (using starlight, moonlight, and artificial light), and 4. Post Processing. Here are some sample pages (Copyright Royce Bair 2015, All Rights Reserved):

What others are saying: "This is the only book you'll ever need for nightscapes. It is easy to read, easy to use and written by the world's foremost authority on night photography. The recipe on page 50 of how to set up the shot with clear step by step instructions is alone worth the price. Highly recommended for everyone who ever thought of doing this type of photography." — Jeff Clow

"Very helpful! I attended a weekend workshop last winter on night photography and I wish I had your ebook prior to that. I have some other books on the topic, and I find yours to be the most complete and best presentation of information on the topic. Your ebook has also filled in some gaps and is quite helpful with processing the raw files I have." — Donnie Fulks

"The book is well written, chock full of information and an inspiration for all of us doing “nightscape” photography.  Thank you for sharing your years of knowledge and experience."  — Bill Zombeck

Kindle warning: "Your original PDF is too large for folks to upload to their Kindle or Kindle app on iPad (my preferred method for reading ebooks).  The file size limit is 50 meg [the Milky Way NightScapes PDF is 53MB].  I was able to compress it a bit using Acrobat so I'm fine, but not everyone has access to Acrobat. It's a great read so far and your images are breathtakingly beautiful!" — J. Scott Crist

"This book is terrific. Royce, you've taken all the work out of pre-planning. I highly recommend this book it to anyone with only the slightest interest in night sky photography. I've purchased a few ebooks on photography, and this one is by far and away the most informative and best value. The layout is absolutely gorgeous. I appreciated all the information on lenses, and I’m so happy to have all the knowledge in one place." — Barbara am Ende

The Best Testimonials  come from the amazing images of actual eBook users. This is our NightScaper group on Facebook.

ORDER HERE: To place your order for my new ebook, click the ADD TO CART button below. You will be asked to pay $19.99 for each ebook (a 53MB PDF download). Payment is via PayPal. After payment you'll be allowed to download the PDF file to your computer. You'll also receive a email with the same download link, giving you five chances to download the file. Your license allows you to make one backup copy, and to make one printed copy of this copyrighted ebook. Do not share the PDF with others who have not purchased a license. Please email me if you have any questions or concerns.
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  1. Email Sent. Perfect timing as I am going to Capitol Reef National Park in April to do some Nightscapes.

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  3. Thanks sent. I am excited for the eBook, I know that the info inside will be very helpful.

  4. Thanks Royce for a great presentation with hints, etc last night at the Tacoma Mountaineers Program Center! Can't wait for your eBook.

  5. I reserved a copy of your book and now I've got a trip to the desert planned. It would be awesome to get to read it before I arrive (with my plans to shoot the Milky Way). Is there any word when the book will be released? Thanks!

  6. This book is terrific. Royce, you've taken all the work out of pre-planning. Sure I'm thinking of changing lenses, and you've give some good information about setting infinity that each of us must do. But you've documented so much through the seasons. You've illustrated each point with examples. That had to be a LOT of work! Yes, it's got many, many of your fabulous shots, but all the work involved as an instruction manual make this such valuable book. Thanks so very much for writing it. I'm so happy to have all the knowledge in one place