Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Sample Pages from my New eBook

 Here are six (6) random sample pages from my new Milky Way NightScapes Version 2.0 eBook:

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MORE SAMPLE PAGES: Here are eight (8) more sample pages from the eBook (double-click on each PDF to view).

Update 2.0 covers the NEW ADVANCES in:

  • Astro-modification to Camera Sensors
  • Filters to increase nebulosity (giving that "deep space" look)
  • New Tracking options
  • Stacking for noise reduction & reduced star movement
  • Software for Noise Reduction
  • Deepscapes (a new nightscape genre)
  • Low Level Lighting techniques & equipment
  • Mixing Moonlight with the Milky Way
  • Twilight Blends vs. Starlight Blends
  • Obtaining High Quality Single Exposure NightScapes

TWO WAYS to GET my NEW eBOOK: You can do a one-time PURCHASE and download for $39.99 (act now for a limited-time $5 off), or you can become a supporting PATREON for as little as $3/month and get my eBook as one of your benefits of support.


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