Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Sample Pages from my New eBook

 Here are six (6) random sample pages from my new Milky Way NightScapes Version 2.0 eBook:

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HERE is what a typical weekly update looks like (a 4-page PDF).  This update is about using moonlight in your nightscapes, and features "Guest Artist" Brad Goldpaint. Be sure to check out the NightScaper Conference video link on this sample update for even more "how-to" learning. The weekly PDF versions of the above sample pages will often have hot links to many outside learning resources.

Update 2.0 will cover the NEW ADVANCES in:

  • Astro-modification to Camera Sensors
  • Filters to increase nebulosity (giving that "deep space" look)
  • New Tracking options
  • Stacking for noise reduction & reduced star movement
  • Software for Noise Reduction
  • Deepscapes (a new nightscape genre)
  • Low Level Lighting techniques & equipment
  • Mixing Moonlight with the Milky Way
  • Twilight Blends vs. Starlight Blends
  • Obtaining High Quality Single Exposure NightScapes

PRE-ORDER my NEW Milk Way NightScapes Version 2.0 HERE.

(You can also get my original eBook from that page, if you don't already have it. It is a great way to jump start your nightscape photography.)

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