Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Updated ''Milky Way NightScape'' eBook Version 2.0


My NEW updated eBook coming out the end of March 2024

PRE-ORDER for end March eBook Delivery - Get Weekly Updates NOW. Only $29.99. Why wait until March 2024 to get my new, updated eBook? You can get BOTH my original version 1.1 (with immediate download) and pre-order version 2.0 for March 2024 delivery. I'm publishing weekly updates of my new Version 2.0 eBook right now. People who pre-order my eBook are receiving these updates every week, and at the end of March 2024, they'll receive the completely compiled and edited Version 2.0 eBook.

It's known as "serialization" — where a book is written and released in small pieces over a period of time. It also keeps me on schedule to finish the book by the end of March 2024!

WHAT'S BEING UPDATED? Over 100 new pages (200+ in all). Over 300 new images/illustrations (600 in all). Why? There have been many new advances in technology and techniques since I wrote the original eBook. To make Version 2.0 more interesting and authoritative, I'm featuring "Guest Artists" or experts throughout the book, in addition to my own writings and tutorials. Most of these pages will have links to additional resources and tutorials outside my eBook, where the reader can get step-by-step instruction on these new advances.

SAMPLE UPDATES. HERE are six (6) sample pages from my new eBook and a typical weekly update (these come to you as PDF downloads).

Sample pages - Click to view individually

This new version is expected to be about 50% larger than the original 1.1 version (which was 140 pages). That is because it covers many new techniques that were not available in the original version. 

My original Version 1.1 eBook

The ORIGINAL eBook is still available for $19.99. Thousands have purchased my original Version 1.1 "Milky Way NightScape" eBook and consider it the most thorough book ever written on astro landscape photography (140 pages, over 33,000 words of text, with over 490 illustrative images). Even though this book is several years old, it is still an excellent guide for jump starting your nightscape photography!

Pre-order BUNDLE: Get BOTH version 1.1 and version 2.0 for only $29.99

My original version 1.1 regularly sells for $19.99, and version 2.0 will be selling for $29.99, starting in April 2024 (a total of $49.98 for both eBooks). You are getting both in this pre-order for only $29.99 — a savings of almost $20.00!


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