Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Updated ''Milky Way NightScape'' eBook Version 2.0


My NEW updated eBook coming out the end of 2023

PRE-ORDER for end of year eBook Delivery - Get Weekly Updates NOW. Only $10.08 via my PATREON support membership (annual - cancel at any time). Why wait until the first quarter of 2024 to get my new, updated eBook, when it will cost you the regular price of $29.99? I'm publishing weekly updates of my new Version 2.0 eBook right now via my PATREON account. My supporting members at the NightScaper Advance Patreon level are receiving these updates every week, and at the end of the year, they'll receive the completely compiled and edited Version 2.0 eBook.

It's a pre-order, but with a weekly preview of upcoming chapters. It's known as "serialization" — where a book is written and released in small pieces over a period of time. It also keeps me on schedule to finish the book by the end of the year!

WHAT'S BEING UPDATED? Over 100 new pages (200+ in all). Over 300 new images/illustrations (600 in all). Why? There have been many new advances in technology and techniques since I wrote the original eBook. To make Version 2.0 more interesting and authoritative, I'm featuring "Guest Artists" or experts throughout the book, in addition to my own writings and tutorials. Most of these pages will have links to additional resources and tutorials outside my eBook, where the reader can get step-by-step instruction on these new advances.

SAMPLE UPDATES. HERE are six (6) sample pages from my new eBook and a typical weekly update (these come to you as PDF downloads).

Sample pages - Click to view individually

This new version is expected to be about 50% larger than the original 1.1 version (which was 140 pages). That is because it covers many new techniques that were not available in the original version. ORDER your 2.0 Updates Now by becoming a NightScaper Advance Patron for only $1/month or $10.08 annually (cancel at any time).

 *** Don't like the Patreon "subscription" payment model? PRE-ORDER Version 2.0 HERE from my Etsy shop for a one-time cost of $19.99 *** 

Support me at $10.08 annually and save 16%

When you support me at the NightScaper Advance Patreon level ($1/month or $10.08 for one year), you are not only "preordering" the new eBook, but you get weekly updates, page by page! It's like having your cake and eating it too. Cancel your support at any time. Patreon is super quick about cancellations. However, I personally guarantee that anyone who has paid for one year of support will get a completed copy of my Version 2.0 eBook sent to them. Those who wait until the end of the year to order my new eBook will be paying the full price of $29.99 — almost three times the pre-order price though my Patreon support!

My original Version 1.1 eBook

The ORIGINAL eBook is still available HERE for $19.99. Thousands have purchased my original Version 1.1 "Milky Way NightScape" eBook and consider it the most thorough book ever written on astro landscape photography (140 pages, over 33,000 words of text, with over 490 illustrative images). Even though this book is several years old, it is still an excellent guide for jump starting your nightscape photography!

You can also ORDER both versions HERE via PATREON. If you don't already have my original eBook, you can become a NightScaper Supporting Patron for $3/month (or $30.24 for one year) and get both the original Version 1.1 eBook and weekly updates of Version 2.0, with the final compiled and edit eBook at the end of this year. As a bonus, you'll also receive a supporter gift of four video tutorials from the 2021 NightScaper Conference.

*** Don't like the Patreon "subscription" payment model? ORDER BOTH the Original Version 1.1 and Version 2.0 HERE from my Etsy shop for a one-time cost of $34.98 ***

Support me at $30.24 annually and save 16%

CANCELING your PATREON support: Some people don't want to get hooked into a subscription that's hard to cancel; however, the Patreon people are very honest and easy to deal with. You can cancel at any time and they are quick about it. Here's my suggestion: Do the 1-year support for the discounted price of $10.08 (that's about 1/3 of what the $29.99 price will be when the new eBook comes out). That subscription won't be set for renewal until at least June 1, 2024. All the eBook updates will happen in 2023, and the final updated, edited and compiled Version 2.0 will be out by the end of 2023 or first quarter of 2024. Once you get it, you can cancel your Patreon support and you'll have your eBook for only $10.08!

When I finish editing and publishing my eBook, I will switch to other projects like YouTube tutorials which will be included in the $3/month support level, so you can continue supporting me at that level, if you wish. It's your decision.


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