Saturday, March 4, 2023

Camera Sensor Astro Modification and Conversion Recommendations

A Full Spectrum conversion done by Spencer's Camera to the Canon R6 (I also bought the Irix 15mm lens from Spencer's).

Here's a list of recommendations for camera sensor "astro modification" and conversion:

I recommend Spencer's Camera & Photo. You can watch a video on how Clarence does his conversions, the various types of conversions, how they differ, including his personal recommendations. Here is a list of other nightscapers who recommend Clarence:

Here's a list of recommendations from my "nightscape" friends:

Benjamin Barakat recommends Markus Meel in Germany. Benjamin also gives some great camera and lens recommendations in this Milky Way Photography Gear Guide.

Ralf Rohner recommends Richard Galli in France. ""Richard works with high quality Astrodon replacement filters. That's why his modifications are a bit more pricy. He modifies [various] brands. Another excellent and cheaper alternative for Canon only is Germany based Markus Meel."

(Please return for updates, as other global recommendations are added.)

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