Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Get my eBook for only $3

Limited Time Offer: Get my $19.99 Milky Way NightScapes eBook for only $3.00* by becoming a Patreon NightScaper Supporting Member!

The eBook that has taught thousands how to photograph Milky Way nightscapes. "Your eBook is the 'Bible' of NightScape photography!" - Ralf Rohner 

*Although this a monthly patron membership subscription, you can cancel at anytime. But, I don't think you'll want to because of these added patron BENEFITS:

  • "Finding Your Photo Vision" Video

    Access to the 49-minute "Finding Your Photo Vision" presentation I gave at the 2021 NightScaper Conference (the content in this video has helped to redirected and change many photographer's lives).
  • Access to the 29-minute "6 Ways to Improve Your Nightscapes" presentation (also from the conference).
  • Access to 2 other NightScaper Conference videos of YOUR choice (choose from 65 other video tutorials).
  • Exclusive chapter updates: Each week I reveal new pages to my NEW 2.0 eBook version, that is coming out the end of this year (2023). HERE's a SAMPLE of what those updates look like.
  • When the version 2.0 eBook is finished, my dedicated patron supporters will receive the edited and compiled edition for FREE.
  • Even if you already have my original (version 1.1) eBook, you can be a hero by gifting it to a friend, and retain the above benefits for yourself!
  • You'll be supporting my efforts to showcase the some of the world's best nightscape photographs and photographers on my 480,000 Instagram following, and our 97,000 member NightScaper Facebook group — both of which strive to teach good how-to techniques.

Become a NightScaper Supporting Patron Member

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