Wednesday, February 2, 2022

1-Night Workshops in the Kanab Area

"Zion's Little Tree" is only about 35 miles from Kanab, Utah. Photo by Royce Bair

NOTICE: Even though the NightScaper Conference has been postponed to 2023, we plan to continue our Kanab area workshops! Instead of just one-nighters, you will also be able to book a 5-day/night workshop; however, we will limit attendance now to just six (6) people, instead of 8/night.

March 18 update: this workshop is now full. However, you may eMail to get on our waiting list.

We had originally planned our workshops of 1-nighters around the 2022 NightScaper Conference (April 26-29). Robert McKendrick and I will now be conducting a full 5-day/night (April 25-29) workshop and also offering several 1-night workshops in the Kanab, Utah area. Each workshop includes a daytime outing(s) with two hours of classroom style instruction. Each day, we will go to one or more of the following locations (eMail me below for our planned itinerary):

A large chamber, about 80 minutes from Kanab. Photo by Robert McKendrick

Zion's "The Watchman" and Virgin River. Photo by Robert McKendrick

Toadstool Hoodoos - about 45 miles from Kanab. Photo by Royce Bair

More hoodoos, about an hour from Kanab. Photo by Robert McKendrick

"The Fortress" by Royce Bair

Alstrom Point - Lake Powell is 82 miles from Kanab. Photo by Robert McKendrick

Sunrise on Pardue Bay / Lake Powell. Photo by Robert McKendrick

Photo by Royce Bair

Each 1-day/night workshop costs $425/person. The full 5-day/night workshop is $1995. For more information, or to reserve your spot, eMail Me.


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