Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Video Access to the 2021 NightScaper Conference


Defining Nightscapes. When you combine landscape photography with the cosmos, you get astro-landscapes or nightcapes — one of the newest and most exciting genres of landscape photography! Imagine the challenge and satisfaction of bringing together a starry night sky and an interesting foreground into a single landscape composition! The above image was taken in a single exposure, with a 15mm lens on a Canon 5D Mark III, using Low Level Landscape Lighting (photo by Royce Bair in the White Pocket area of northern Arizona).

38 Hours of Nightscape instruction. The 2nd annual NightScaper Conference brought together 40 legendary nightscape speakers from nine nations. These photography experts gave 69 program presentations for every skill level, from beginner to advanced. All this was recorded; over 38 hours of video content. 

SAMPLE videos: Here's a video program example from our 2019 conference and a similar program example from an earlier conference. Many video programs are similar to entertaining learning tutorials, presented to a live audience, with Q&A's at the end.

Get access to the recorded conference videos for as little as $14/month — Read on...

Scenes from the 2021 NightScaper Conference
Photos by Bethany Blair & Saunders Clark

Program Examples. You'll receive instruction on such things as "Making Panoramic Images of the Milky Way" by Yuri Beletsky. "The Importance of Planning" by Alyn Wallace. "Editing Techniques for Blue Hour Blends" by Jess Santos. "Photographing the Milky Way with Moonlight" by Brad Goldpaint. "Low Level Landscape Lighting by Wayne Pinkston.

ORDER ACCESS TO ALL THE VIDEOS: Those who attended the 2021 NightScaper Conference paid $599 for an in person ticket (or $399 for a virtual ticket). You can ORDER access to the conference videos for $14 per month (cancel at any time).

Hear what others are saying about the conference and the video programs.

Get access to the recorded conference videos for as little as $14/month — Read on...

Our PATREON Access to the Conference Videos

GET VIDEO ACCESS via my Royce Bair PATREON account: Instead of paying $399 upfront to get access to all the program videos at once, you can select either my $14/month or $19/month membership. 

NOTE: You can cancel your membership at any time, and still RETAIN ACCESS to ALL the VIDEOS your membership originally allowed you to view!

FREE eBook Gift. With either level of Royce Bair "NightScaper" PATREON membership, you get free access to my Milky Way NightScapes eBook (a $19.99 value.)

The $14/month membership gives you access to up to 33 videos of your choice (see the list below). The $19/month membership gives you access to all 69 video programs. JOIN my PATREON now, and select your membership level.

A Quick Topic List of the video programs:

ORDER ACCESS TO THE ABOVE VIDEOS: You can ORDER immediate access to the conference videos for $14 per month (cancel at any time) through your Royce Bair PATREON membership.

Check out the 2023 NightScaper Conference (May 18-21):


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