Saturday, September 5, 2015

Using Drones For Lighting NightScapes

"Shark Fin" ocean landscape lit with a light source suspended in the sky by a DJI quad copter. A 45-second
exposure using a Canon 5D Mark II. Image processed in Adobe Camera Raw. ~ © Russell Preston Brown
Theory: Small aerial drones can be used not only to carry cameras but light-weight LED lights to illuminate foreground objects from above and behind. For about two years, I've toyed with the idea of using small drones to enhance my NightScape photographs. When the Park Service placed a ban on drones within U.S. national parks about a year ago, I put a hold on this idea. Then, I saw this photo two days ago (on by Russell Brown, and my interest was reignited. There are many other areas besides national parks were this technique can be used.

On Russell's Facebook page he wrote, "Aaron Grimes and I worked together last night to capture this version of our light painting at Shark Fin. We shot this with a Canon 5D Mark II. Who knew that there was a curfew at this beach after 10:00pm. The local ranger politely asked us to leave. The light at the top of the Shark Fin was actually the headlights from the ranger's car [see above image]. Perfect timing..."

Russell's cropped and enhanced version on his Instagram account ~ © Russell Preston Brown
This is not the first time Brown has used his small drone to do lighting from an aerial platform. The following photo was taken about a year ago in the California desert:

"Alien Encounter" - DJI copter holding a bright light in the sky ~ © Russell Preston Brown
"Dr. Brown"
Russell Brown is the Senior Creative Director at Adobe Systems Incorporated as well as an Emmy Award-winning instructor. His ability to bring together the world of design and software development is a perfect match for Adobe products. Brown shows users how to work – and play – with Adobe software.  His in-depth design knowledge and zany presentation style has won him a regular following among beginning, intermediate, and advanced users alike.

You can find many of Russell's tutorials at, including this video on Drone Flying Tips.


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