Saturday, September 5, 2015

Never Quit Shooting Into the Night

Cloud cover over central core of the Milky Way, Grand Teton National Park ~ © Katelyn Crompton
(The glow through the clouds makes one think the universe is being created before your eyes!)
Katelyn Crompton
Never give up, even when things are gloomy. This seems to be the enthusiastic motto of a group of eight BYU-Idaho students and their photography professor, Caryn Esplin. My workshop producer, Craig Wennersten, and I guided the group on a one-night workshop this past July in the Grand Teton National Park. Unfortunately, that single night was one of the most overcast and rainy nights I've even had in the Tetons. Despite the conditions, Craig and I kept on teaching, and they kept right on shooting—no matter what! Displayed here, are just a few of the photos that one student, Katelyn Crompton, managed to capture—images I wished I had taken, but my camera was in the car, staying dry.

In our regular 4-night workshops, the weather forecast for the week often shows at least one or two cloudy nights. However, our plan is to always go out and shoot, whatever the weather gives us. Almost invariably, conditions will change and allow us to shoot something unique and exciting. Remember, you cannot capture what's there—if you're not [there]!

Cloud cover over central core of the Milky Way, Grand Teton National Park ~ © Katelyn Crompton
Rain drops on your lens and glare from passing cars can create
a beautiful flare in the night sky ~ © Katelyn Crompton
Lights on the trees from passing cars and a slight break in the clouds ~ © Katelyn Crompton
Fellow student adds interest to a cloudy sky, using his flashlight ~ © Katelyn Crompton


  1. Wow!!! That was really awesome.
    You have such a focus on the beauty of nature and the outdoors. I have found that photography is a very difficult form of art that takes a very talented individual to master. A photo can truly change your perception of the world
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  2. Wow, reaaly moody and beautiful photos!