Wednesday, August 26, 2015

How to make Saturday’s Supermoon shine in your photos

Nikon D7100 • 500mm • f/5.0 • 1s • ISO 400 • 5400K • 6/13/14 09:41pm
Sun elevation: -5.1° (Blue Hour) • Moon elevation: 1.3°
Antoni Cladera has written an article (All You Need To Make This Saturday’s Supermoon Shine In Your Photos) on the PhotoPills blog to help you take advantage of this Saturday’s Supermoon event.

“This Saturday, August 29th 2015, the full moon will be at 'only' 358,981km from Earth. This gives us the opportunity to enjoy and shoot what is commonly known as a Supermoon.

"Note that in Asia and Australia the full moon is happening on Sunday, August 30th, because of the different time zone. Then, check the day of the full moon in your local time. It should be on the 29th or the 30th.

"With an angular diameter of 0.556°, the full moon will look slightly larger in our photos. Get ready to take advantage of it!

"How? Location power, inspiration, equipment and the following tips are the ingredients you need to have in the mix in order to come up with the best cocktail for the Supermoon.

"It all begins by deciding how big you want the moon in your photos. Let’s decide the focal length we are going to use.”

Antoni lays out the the following ideas and suggestions, complete with illustrated, step-by-step instructions:
  1. Focal length defines how big the moon will appear in the photo
  2. Go to a location with an interesting subject, a beautiful landscape and space to move
  3. The shooting spot determines the size of the moon relative to your subject
  4. The idea, your imagination makes the difference
  5. The plan: finding the right shooting time and the right shooting spot
  6. How to shoot the Supermoon
  7. Just do it!
Be sure to view the complete article for all the details.


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