Monday, August 26, 2013

Path to the Milky Way by Brian Adelberg

"Path to the Milky Way" ~ © Brian Adelberg
Brian Adelberg move recently to the Pacific Northwest (Oregon) and has been exploring and photographing the western regions of Oregon and Washington.

Photo of the Week: Brian had this to say about the above photo he modeled in: "So when you spend 4 days sleeping [alone] in a car find ways to entertain yourself. This was taken around 2 in the morning on the way back from shooting some star shots last week. This would have been a lot easier if I wasn't by myself. Its amazing how creative you can get when your all alone. I had such a good time trying to make this shot. Timer on. Run as fast as you can. Stop! Stand still for 30 seconds, then try again and again and again. If someone were watching me do this they probably think I was insane."

I couldn't resist adding another one of Brian's photos with today's post. In this photo, the composition and exposure control are simply elegant:

"Moonlit River" (White River) ~ © Brian Adelberg
More of Brian Adelberg's photos can be seen at his 500px page.


  1. Thanks Royce! I really appreciate it! Also if anyone is interested I keep most of my stuff at 500px (Sorry Flikr fans) I just started with that site I'm more used to it. Check it out here add me if you have an account I tend to post there more often. I'm also working on a website right now should be up in the next couple months the link for that will be Thanks Everyone, Thanks again, Royce. Have a great day!

    Brian Adelberg

  2. Beautiful images. Royce, you have a knack for finding these hidden treasures.

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