Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Featuring Your Photo On This Blog

You have been directed to this page because I would like to include your photograph as an upcoming "Photo of the Day" (POTD). I feature some of the best night photographers in the world in my "Into the Night Photography" blog. Examples: Mark Gee, Mike Darter, and Rick Parchen.

Questions. If you are agreeable, here are a few questions to help me write my blog feature about you and your photo (Take your time. You do not have to complete this immediately. I have several articles in the queue. However, I would appreciate completion within the next 15 days, and a quick note letting me know if you are interested.) When you respond, please use this Subject Title: "POTD for ITNP Blog - Your Name":

1. Please supply me with your full name, and the city and country where you live, unless you want to keep that private.

2. Please give me location information about this image (i.e. national park, state, country) and the name of the feature (if it has a name), unless you want to keep that information a secret.

3. Please give me camera, lens, and exposure information (EXIF) about this image, unless you don't like to give out that kind of data.

4. Please describe how you did any light painting enhancements to the image, and what equipment you used, unless you want to keep that information a secret.

5. Describe the biggest challenge(s) you had in taking this photo, and how you overcame the obstacle(s). If you like writing, you can even supply an interesting background story like Mikes Morgan did in this POTD.

6. Please tell me about any tools, software, or special equipment you used to make this shot.

7. Explain what satisfaction you realized after completing this photo, or what goal(s) you hoped to obtain by doing this or similar photos.

8. Optional: A short bio about yourself (no more than 250 words).

9. Optional: A portrait of yourself (formal or on-location candid). You may attach the image, or include a link.

You may ignore some of these questions, if you don't have the time to answer them — I can write something from the data that is already on your Flickr, 500px, or other websites (that's what "editiors" do). However, you do have to respond if you wish to be featured.

Send this information directly to my email address: royce.bair [AT] gmail [DOT] com
(Please replace the [AT] with the "@" symbol, and the [DOT] with the "." character —and don't forget the dot between my first and last name. Displaying my email address in this manner helps prevent spam.)

Featuring your photo: Our blog version of your photo will be about 450 pixels (for horizontals) to 600 pixels (for verticals). This blog image will link to a larger version of your image. Please supply me with that URL (on your website, Flickr, 500px or Google+ page).

Link(s) to You: Thanks for your help in highlighting your work. I can give you up to two (2) links in this article: any website page you want linked from your name or company name. Please give me the URL's and any hypertext words or description you'd like to use for those links.

Follow-up: Although I was impressed with your work, I do not keep a record of this request to you. The next step is your responsibility. Once you reply with information on the above questions, I will respond with an approximate publishing date. Once it is published, I'll notify you immediately with the specific URL for that post.

Royce Bair
Editor of "Into the Night Photography" blog link to this page:

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