Friday, October 11, 2013

Mark Gee's Four-Year Astrophotography Journey

"Guiding Light To The Stars" ~ © Mark Gee
The winner of the Earth and Space category and the
Overall Winner in the Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2013
Mark Gee - From Novice to Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2013 in four short years. Mark tells about last month's award, "The highlight of my photography career happened to me recently. I not only won two categories in the Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2013, but I also won it overall. It is something I never dreamed of 4 years ago when I first started out, and it’s quite ironic that it was the images I saw from the 2009 Astronomy Photographer of the Year that inspired me to give astrophotography a go."

Mark Gee is a digital visual effects artist based in Wellington, New Zealand. He has worked on many high profile and Oscar award winning feature films. His love of the New Zealand landscape is a big part of the inspiration for his award winning photography.

Wholly self-taught, Mark’s style of photography is influenced by his many years of experience in the feature film business. Since he began to seriously focus on developing his photography skills over a decade ago, Mark has continuously worked on improving his craft, thriving on setting the bar ever higher and challenging himself to do better yet every time he sets out to shoot.

You can see more of Mark's images at his website.

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