Saturday, May 5, 2018

Podcast - Single Image Milky Way Photography vs. Star Tracking

PODCAST Episode 76: Single Image Milky Way Photography vs. Star Tracking. Listen to a podcast I did earlier this week with Aaron and Brendon at Photog Adventures.

Has Star Tracking made Single Image Milky Way Photography just a waste of time? The answer is NO! In this podcast I discuss pros and cons of both types of Milky Way Photography and how to best take advantage of your time out there under the stars —how to get the most out of our images whether or not you do any star tracking.

We share some post-processing techniques I use to reduce the noise in my single image photography, using special DFine tool methods within the Nik Collections, as well as going for the small effort of a mini stack to reduce noise.

I also talk about why I sometimes use an astro-modified camera and the benefits that come from that, as well as the rule of thumb I like to follow for what determines whether an image becomes a Single, Stacked, Blend or Tracked mage. Along with this, I give my thoughts on the ethics of composite nightscape photography.

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