Monday, December 28, 2015

Grand Canyon Milky Way Photography Workshop

Starry Night Photography and Colorado River Rafting in the Grand Canyon — all in one photo workshop. This could be the trip of a lifetime! Our adventure is scheduled for September 20-23, 2016.

Everything is provided for in this workshop: prepared meals, air transfers from Las Vegas to the river and back, camping equipment, entertainment, and dedicated photo instruction by NightScape Photographer, Royce Bair.

For more information on our itinerary and costs, go to this NightScape Photography Meetup page.

All three of these Milky Way "NightScapes" used a 2nd exposure technique to add starlight detail to the foreground. Learn how on this page and in my workshops ~ all images © Royce Bair


  1. Para los buenos momentos, gratitud.
    Para los malos, mucha esperanza.
    Para cada día, una ilusión.
    Y siempre, siempre, felicidad.
    Esto es lo que te deseo para el 2016

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