Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Arches and Canyonlands by Greg Ness

Delicate Arch with a 1:00 AM view of the Milky Way. Light painting from the bottom of the bowl ~ © Greg Ness
Arches and Canyonlands through the eyes of Greg Ness. In April, I conducted a NightScape workshop in Arches and Canyonlands National Parks. Greg was one of nine photographers who attended this event. He’s also an alumni of a previous workshop to the Alabama Hills.

Skyline Arch lit from the front and behind gives the appearance of a large crocodile ~ © Greg Ness
An inside view of Double Arch with the Milky Way behind it ~ © Greg Ness
Uniquely different: These two parks are right next to each other and they offer differently opportunities for starry night photography, not to mention some great sunrise and sunset views. Although Arches has some of the most iconic red rock features in the world, its popularity can also bring crowded conditions and a bit of light pollution (up to a Bortle 3) in some areas of the park. In contrast, Canyonlands is more remote, less crowded (except for the famous Mesa Arch), and offers much darker skies.

Wide vistas in and around Canyonlands also offer some great opportunities for daytime photography. Note: because this is a starry night photography workshop, we sleep in the middle of the day (in air conditioned comfort), but we do make time for sunrises and sunsets!

Canyonlands from the "Island in the Sky" area offers incredibly dark skies and wide vistas ~ © Greg Ness
Craig & Wendy silhouetted at a Grand View Point (Canyonlands) sunrise ~ © Greg Ness
Early morning light at nearby Dead Horse Point State Park ~ © Greg Ness
Milky Way over the popular Mesa Arch in Canyonland ~ © Greg Ness
Our next Arches / Canyonlands NightScape Workshop is August 10-14. There are currently three (3) spots available. There are also two (2) spots left in our Grand Tetons Workshop July 19-23.


  1. Inspires me to keep trying. I like how even and smooth the light painting is. You (Royce) have inspired me to get out there and try. I posted one of my very best so far this morning.

    1. Just took a look... Awesome, Scott! I agree, this IS one of your bests shot, if not the best. Very nice.

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