Friday, February 14, 2014

'The Mask' at Bryce Canyon by Steve Waterman

Milky Way stars over "The Mask" at Bryce Canyon National Park ~ © Steve Waterman
Steve Waterman took our Photo of the Day with a Nikon D800, using a Nikkor 14-24mm  f/2.8 lens (at 20mm) • f/2.8 • 30 sec • ISO 6400. "The Mask" is a sandstone formation on the Navajo Trail, in Bryce Canyon National Park. Steve was facing the northern end of the Milky Way in this picture (you can clearly see the Andromeda Galaxy in the middle-right of the sky).

This formation was light painted by your editor (using a diffused quartz halogen spotlight), during one of our August workshops, last year. "The Mask" is an unofficial name I gave this feature, after finding out the park service had no name for it. (Here's a sunrise version of this formation.)

Steve Waterman shares photography for fun and relaxation with his wife, Denise.  To support the photography hobby, he practices law, doing commercial litigation and reorganization with an international law firm.


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