Thursday, February 20, 2014

Electrifying Interview with Michael Shainblum

"Tesla Tower" - Lightning hits the world's tallest building (the Burj Khalifa in Dubai) ~ © Michael Shainblum
I've planned to do a feature on Michael Shainblum, a San Diego based professional photographer, for some time. Now I don't need to —Alexandra Kim, from the staff of 500px did that for me two days ago, with her wonderful blog interview, “Michael Shainblum and the Electrifying 'Tesla Tower'”. Alexandra was able to catch up with Michael via Skype during his trip to Dubai. I think you'll enjoy this in-depth discussion about his photography, his gear, and other relevant issues.

"The Galaxy Guides Us Home" - a panorama of 12 images (2 rows of 6)
taken near Santa Ynez, CA ~ © Michael Shainblum
 Although Michael is well known for his Milky Way "AstroPhotographs", in the past couple of weeks he has been lighting up the Internet with his daring aerial photos over San Francisco and his travels to Dubai and the Arabian Gulf area —where he recently captured his striking "Telsa Tower" image.

"Turbulence" - taken from a helicopter high above the San Francisco Bay ~ © Michael Shainblum
A recent "selfy" in Dubai
Michael Shainblum, 23, is a Brooks Institute graduate, and owner of Michael Shainblum Photography/Film/Timelapse. Ever since Michael can remember, he's wanted to be an artist. Not necessarily a photographer or a filmmaker or a director —just an artist. "I have a drive to create and a passion to show the world through my eyes," he says.

Michael continues, "I seek to capture the extraordinary and the unique. I find beauty in everything from the scale of our Galaxy to the way sunlight hits a glass of water from behind. In filmmaking and photography possibilities are endless. I strike with every project and photography to push the boundaries of what we think is achievable in these mediums."

You can view more of Michael's photography on his website, 500px page, and his personal Facebook page.

Meet Michael on-location in this documentary video: "The Art Of The Timelapse"

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