Monday, February 25, 2013

POTW: 'Silhouettes of the Pinnacles' by Howard Elton

"Silhouettes of the Pinnacles" and the Milky Way - in the Western Australian desert ~ © Howard Elton
Howard Elton
Our Photo of the Week (POTW) was taken by Australian photographer, Howard Elton. Howard used a Nikon D800 with a 14-24mm lens. His exposure was for 20 seconds @ F/2.8, ISO 5000. The Large and Small Magellanic cloud galaxies on the right, and the glow from a town in the distance add more interest to this amazing photo.

Mr. Elton currently lives in Perth, where he works as an IT professional, and hones his amateur photography skills on evenings and weekends.

More of Howard Elton's photography can be seen at his Flickr photostream.

Here's a light painted version from the same area ~ © Howard Elton (click to view larger)
The Pinnacles were lit with two Nikon SB-900 Strobes. Both strobes were on stands. The one on the right was on a tall stand with a focused beam. The one on the left was on a shorter stand with a wide beam at half the power of the other. Both were remotely triggered via Nikon CLS. "It was still 30 degrees Celcius (86F) at midnight and the sky was clear. Beautiful place and wonderful weather," says Howard.

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  1. Beauty! Lucky you with the sky! We have very little good weather.