Thursday, January 10, 2013

Moonglow Behind Balance Rock

Moon Glow behind Balanced Rock, Arches Nat'l Park ~ © Royce Bair (Click for a larger view)
Moonlight is more than 135 times brighter than starlight, so even the approaching moon, just below the horizon can compete with your star photography! However, it can also add interest and beauty to your night photographs, if the timing and positioning are right.

In this photo, glow from a rising quarter moon, has been positioned directly behind Balanced Rock in Arches National Park. The midnight (12:21 AM) moonlight from the rising moon is overpowering all but the brighter stars. However, you can clearly see Pleiades, the Seven Sisters constellation (Messier object 45 or M45) to the right. Light painting for Balanced Rock is coming from a stationary, reflected quartz halogen spotlight (2-million candlepower) about 300 feet away, manned by my son, Chris (shining for only seven of our 13-second exposure). Taken with a Canon EOS 5DMII, using a
Canon EF 24mm f/1.4 L II USM Lens (13 sec @ F2.8 • ISO 2500).

Size perspective: As tall as 23 men, or a 13-story building —the total height of Balanced Rock is about 128 feet (39 m), with the balancing rock rising 55 feet (16.75 m) above the base. The big rock on top is the size of three school buses.

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