Monday, July 8, 2019

Youth Mentoring at NightScaper Conference

Youth Mentoring at the NightScaper Conference. Bring your son/daughter or grandson/granddaughter to the 2020 NightScaper Conference and get a 2 for 1 Youth Mentoring discount—you both get into the conference for the price of a single registration! To encourage a greater number of younger photographers to experience the wonders of nightscape photography, we are offering a limited number of 2 for 1 discounts for guardians who bring a youth (18 years or younger) to the conference with them. This 3-day conference (May 20-22, 2020) in Kanab, Utah will be a great opportunity to bond with a youth and introduce them to some of the most amazing night photography speakers on our planet. Read below for our 2 for 1 discount details...

How to Register Your Mentored Youth for the NightScaper Conference:

1. Your mentored youth must currently be 18 years or younger at the time of registration.
2. You must be the mentored youth's legal guardian, parent or grandparent.
3. Go to the conference registration page and click on the ORDER button. The normal registration price is $599.00 per person. You are going to register twice. Once for the youth (with a discount of $499), and once for yourself (with a discount of $100), for a total net price of $599 for two people.
4. In the Secure Checkout, enter YOUR email address. In the First Name and Last Name boxes, enter the youth's first and last name. Enter YOUR Phone Number. Now click the NEXT button.

5. On the second check out page you should see the youth's first and last name under the PERSONAL INFORMATION, followed by your email address and phone number. Enter YOUR credit card PAYMENT INFORMATION, with your BILLING ADDRESS information, with YOUR first and last name.

6. Below the Billing Address information is the + Add a coupon code. Click on the + Add a coupon code.

7. Enter the YOUTH499 discount coupon code and press the APPLY button.
8. Now press the NEXT button and review / submit your order. Your registration fee for the youth should only be $100.

9. Go back to the conference registration page and place a new order for yourself. Enter in only your own personal information and billing information, then click on the + Add a coupon code. Enter the GUARDIAN100 discount coupon code (for a $100 discount) and press the APPLY button. After pressing the NEXT button, your personal registration fee should now be $499. Combined with the youth registration fee, the total for the two of you should be $599 (2 for 1)!

NOTE: If you had already previously registered for the conference, we will make a connection with the YOUTH registration and your previous registration. If you had already paid full price ($599) for your own registration, we will send you a $100 refund.

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