Thursday, April 21, 2016

VIEW Intervalometer: Auto Ramping, Instant Preview, WiFi Remote

VIEW is a smart auto ramping intervalometer that's also a portal to your camera. You can setup and preview time-lapse from the VIEW or your smartphone. My friend, David Shogren, introduced me to this new product last week, and I felt it merited mention in this blog. The auto exposure ramping feature, alone, makes this a valuable accessory for me.

VIEW is a new Kickstarter project by Elijah Parker. As of April 21st, 283 backers have pledged almost $94,000 of its $100,000 funding goal, with 8 days to go until April 29th. Building on the experience and success of Elihah’s original Timelapse+ Intervalometer, the new VIEW intervalometer redefines the category offering a whole new set of features.

Preview your time-lapse - even before it's done! Have you ever been tired of waiting for a time-lapse to complete and packed up early only to discover after hours of processing that it was just becoming good when you stopped?  With the VIEW intervalometer you can see what you're getting, while it's still going.  This means you can end it with confidence knowing you have the results you wanted, or find renewed patience after seeing things are just getting started.

Intelligent Automatic Ramping. This is the clincher for me: The VIEW intervalometer can automatically ramp the exposure by analyzing the exposure value of each image and feeding it through a sophisticated algorithm to deliver perfect results for sunset, sunrise, milky-way or all of the above and more!

Features Already Complete & Working

Planned by the time it ships
  • Interface Refinement
  • Sony Alpha Support
  • Focus Ramping
  • Bulb Ramping
  • ND filter support
  • Motion (NMX) Integration (connect via bluetooth or USB)
  • Long-term time-lapse / scheduling options (e.g., weekdays 9am-5pm)
  • HDR Photography / HDR Time-lapse

VIEW Prototype Product Review: Ron Risman of Timelapse Workshops gives an excellent review of the VIEW, using a prototype model. He has also published a recent Vimeo video showing its auto ramping abilities.

Pledgers of $340 or more will receive the VIEW Intervalometer sometime in August 2016. Like all Kickstarter projects, no monies are actually transferred unless the project meets its minimum funding goal ($100K in this case).


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