Monday, February 15, 2016

Milky Way Photo Walk with a Weekend Getaway

Free NightScape Photo Walk: Join us on March 11th and 12th, as the bright core of the Milky Way, the Central Bulge, makes its first appearance above the horizon after its long, winter vacation! We'll be spending two evenings of NightScape activities (lecture and workshops), including two FREE Photo Walks at desert locations near Wendover, Nevada —along with some relaxation and nightlife at the Montego Bay Resort.

We will be photographing the Milky Way at a secret desert location near Wendover, on March 11 & 12 (and optionally March 13), between 2:30 AM through 5:20 AM, as it clears the eastern horizon (shown in this Sky Guide forecasting app).
This location is less than 25 miles from Wendover, and is one of the darkest regions in the western USA (our planning also coincides with a moon that remains below the horizon during our shooting period). If we are blessed with clear skies, your photos of the Milky Way sky should be amazing. Our location will also provide a unique and interesting foreground.

There is something magical about the horizontal positioning of an early spring Milky Way, as it moves above the horizon —it's almost like a moonrise of stars. If the skies are clear, you will be some of the few people on earth to see this natural wonder! (Click on image to enlarge.)

Rise of the Milky Way...

Milky Way RISE near the 40th Parallel: During the much of this week (March 9-13), the bright central core of the Milky Way will begin to rise above the eastern horizon. It will start to appear at about 2:30 AM and will rise to its highest point by about 5:20 AM before the impending morning twilight begins to overpower it in brightness (simulations created with Stellarium).  Of course, this is not the first time this year that core of the Milky Way has risen above the horizon in this region, but it will be the first time when conditions (based on twilight and moon cycles) are near perfect for viewing it. If you can't make it to Wendover, Nevada for our Photo Walk, be sure to find a dark sky area in your region and enjoy the show!


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