Monday, March 9, 2015

Media Interviews with NightScape Expert, Royce Bair

BlackRapid founder, Ron Henry, interviews NightScape photographer, Royce Bair
Podcast interview: Last month, while I was in Seattle, I had the opportunity to meet with BlackRapid founder, Ron Henry, and discuss my passion for NightScape photography. Ron does podcasts on a regular basis, and is a terrific interviewer. The way he guides this 39-minute podcast discussion will provide you with some great insights about how to do your own starry night landscape photography. (Note: if you are unable get the podcast to work for you, use this MP3 link.)

F.Y.I.: BlackRapid makes some of the best camera accessories on the planet. They are especially known for their unique camera straps.

13-City Tour: This interview is just one of several media opportunities I've enjoyed on my 13-city ebook "signing" tour, during the past three months. It's been fun sharing my love for NightScape photography with enthusiastic camera clubs around the United States. At the moment, I only have free tour seminars left to do in Salt Lake City, Los Angeles (Torrance), San Francisco (Palo Alto and Sunnyvale), Dallas, and Boston.

TV interviews: There were several television interviews during this tour and in the works, but my favorite so far was in Jacksonville, Florida last month on WJXX's First Coast Living.

A video frame capture from my First Coast Living interview (WJXX - Jacksonville, FL)
Video frame capture from my New Day Northwest interview (KING5 - Seattle, WA)

More recent KSL Dark Skies mini-documentary that aired on April 25, 2016:
Watch the video or read the article.


  1. This isn't about the podcast because I haven't watched it yet, but I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the class the other night at the library. I picked up several tips that I'm excited to use. Thanks for suggesting I send my Samyang lens back because it is not calibrated correctly. To get infinity I had to set it to 10 ft. I've got a new one on the way and will send the one I've had for about three weeks when I get the new one.

  2. Really nice podcast. Have you ever done urban night photography?

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