Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Holiday Greetings Jackson Hole Style

Stylized John Moulton barn photo ~ © Mike R. Jackson
This is the photo my friend, Mike Jackson, posted on his blog this morning. It's part of his "December Daily Updates for Grand Teton National Park and Jackson Hole." In case you're wondering, it was 22ºF in Jackson when he posted this photo at 7:00 AM, and the High Temp Forecast is for 24°F (Sunrise 7:54 AM, Sunset 4:51 PM).

Snowman and the Teton Range ~ © Mike R. Jackson
Mike has had a great website since 2011, Teton Images, that is used as a gallery for his professional photos of the Grand Teton area. However, great images don't always guarantee an audience. It wasn't until this summer, when Mike decided to finally add his blog, Best of the Tetons, that traffic began to pick up. Mike tries to offer information every month from his blog that will provide a service to his readers, with the hopes that it will also lead them to the images on his website. That service is "Photography and Travel Tips for Grand Teton National Park." Every one of the following nightscapes was taken from Mike's "December Daily Updates for Grand Teton National Park and Jackson Hole":

Grand to Mt. Moran panorama ~ © Mike R. Jackson
Long before first light at Shane Cabin, with light painting ~ © Mike R. Jackson
Antler Arches with Christmas lights at Town Square ~ © Mike R. Jackson
"Best of the Tetons" is a great resource for anyone traveling to the area, especially photographers. Not only does Mike have travel information and points of interest about the area, but he regularly posts wildlife sitings. Naturally, one of my favorite posts is his Night Time In the Tetons (or "Iconic locations in the Tetons—long after the sun sets"):

Stars Over Jenny Lake from Mike's "Night Time In the Tetons" post
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