Monday, May 24, 2021

Solving the nightscape ''bathroom'' issue for women


An example of a "FUD" or Female Urination Device in use

Let me get right to the point. Women have a much harder time dealing with the outdoors than men do when it comes to "bathroom" issues.

I noticed a long time ago in my astro-landscape workshops that my women attendees were often nearing the end of our night sessions with more fatigue and headaches than the men. I discussed this with my wife one day and she explained that these women were probably dehydrating themselves — not drinking enough liquids because they didn't want to embarrass themselves with having to go to the "bathroom" in the outdoors or do it in foul-smelling, filthy, public restrooms.

From that day on, I've added two things to my workshops:

  1. More frequent restroom stops (hey, older men have issues, too)! This includes doing research to find more restroom locations.
  2. Giving out information on female urination devices prior to my workshops.

I've even given out, in emergencies, one of the most popular FUD's the Go Girl. These devices allow women to urinate standing up. It also allows them the freedom to avoid sitting on dirty toilet seats. If you've never used an FUD, do a search on, using the term "female urination device," and get better prepared for your next outdoor adventure.

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