Saturday, October 28, 2017

Notes from the Stars

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Notes from the Stars is a new hardcover book, written by ten award-winning world-class night landscape photographers, each teaching us about what they do best. This is a KickStarter project that should be totally crowdfunded by December 10th, with a January 2018 delivery date. The minimum pledge to get this "dream team" book is $50. Pledge here to get your copy.

FUNDING UPDATE: On November 30th, This KickStarter project reached it's $25,000 funding goal, and is now totally funded!

There are many books and tutorials that teach nightscape photography techniques. However, no photographer can master every facet of nightscape photography, so readers are often left with useful but standard procedures and perhaps a taste of the author's own take on all those techniques. In Notes from the Stars, each subject is covered from a personal perspective by an expert and acclaimed nightscape photographer - an authority and inspiration to many in the topic they chose to write about.

Here are the 10 authors and their topics:
Yuri Beletsky: Capturing the Airglow
Mark Gee: The Art of Nightscape Timelapses
Brad Goldpaint: Photographing the Milky Way with Moonlight
Mikko Lagerstedt: Vision of Depth (elevating nightscape photography to the level of fine art)
Babak Tafreshi: Deep-sky single-shot nightscapes
Jack Fusco: Photographing the Northern Lights
Mike Taylor: Exposure blend nightscapes
Wally Pacholka: Capturing National Parks at Night
Paul Wilson: High Resolution Nightscape Panoramas
Rogelio Bernal Andreo: Meteor showers and abstract nightscapes.

Rogelio Andreo is the creator of this KickStarter project, and has successfully funded two other books in the past, Deep Sky Colors, The Book and Hawaii Nights.

A note from Royce: I was offered one of the authorship positions in this book (to write about my expertise on low level landscape lighting), but the deadline for the manuscript came at a time when I had several other projects in the works, so I had to decline. I'm really looking forward to getting a copy of this book and expanding my expertise in other areas. One can never have enough nightscape knowledge!

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