Monday, November 10, 2014

Free Milky Way NightScapes Photography Lectures - MultiCity Tour

In January 2015, I begin my multi-city tour of free Milky Way NightScape photography lectures. If your camera club or photo organization would like me to give a free NightScape presentation in your area, contact me: In every city, these free seminars have boasted local club attendance, and most fill up in 48 hours or less (example in San Francisco).

"Starry Night at Devil's Garden" (Metate Arch), Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument ~ © Royce Bair
What I Cover: These free NightScape presentations are about how to photograph starry night landscapes. Many of my photos are shot as one exposure with very little digital manipulation. My digital slide presentations are loaded with lots of technical, how-to information, such as: planning when and where to shoot the Milky Way, forecasting, finding dark skies, calculating star alignment, choosing the right lens, exposure calculation, noise reduction techniques, light painting, and exposure blending. Many people, who come to my free lectures, are able to go out and capture very acceptable starry NightScapes without ever needing to take a paid workshop.

My presentations last about one hour, plus 15-30 minutes for Q&A's, but can easily be extended at the club's request. My only compensation is that some in attendance may wish to attend one of my paid workshops or do an online purchase of my Milky Way NightScapes ebook (available late March 2015). I rarely spend more than two minutes talking about my workshops or ebook.

2015 Workshop Schedule: All of my workshops next year are being produced and co-sponsored by IMAGE10 Photography Workshops. Click on the dates for more details about each workshop:
Milky Way over the John Moulton Barn, Grand Teton National Park, with light painting ~ © Royce Bair
Milky Way over Zion's "Little Tree", Zion National Park, with light painting ~ © Royce Bair

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  1. Reading this post I wanted to suggest you to publish an eBook and at the end you've anouced one coming so I'm looking forward to it:)

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  4. Would really like to be at one of your NightScape photography lectures, will you let us know where they will be at? Thanks

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