Wednesday, November 27, 2013

What Color is the Universe?

What is the color of a night sky? If you said "black" you'd be wrong! Black is the lack of light —it's the space between the stars, planets, astroids, and the dust.

Back in 2002, scientist charted the perceptible colors in our universe, and they found on average our universe is somewhat of a light brown brown color. They call it "Cosmic Latte" (play the above video).

Every star has a different color. Most people think all the stars in the night sky are just white. Wrong again! One thing that amazed me when I first began to photograph the night sky was how every star had its own distinct color. You can clearly see that when you do long star trail exposures, like this 7+ hour exposure (via stacking) by the Australian photographer, Lincoln Harrison:

"650 x 40 Seconds" by Lincoln Harrison

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