Saturday, September 7, 2013

Milky Way Sentinel at Bryce Canyon by Steven Waterman

A "behind the scenes" view of The Sentinel ~ © Steven T. Waterman (click to enlarge)
Thor's Hammer
(click to enlarge)
Two weeks ago, I was at Bryce Canyon conducting a workshop on starry night landscape photography. It was about 11:15 PM. I had just light painted Thor's Hammer, and Steven Waterman, one of the participants, took this photo (on the right) with the tail end, or northern view of the Milky Way behind it.

I'll let Steve tell you what happened next: "Having been taught the photographer's 'rule' to look for an image behind you, I followed the Milky Way to see the sky behind me and shot the next image [above] of The Sentinel with the Milky Way three minutes later."

It's fun to work with such talented people! My workshop attendees often teach me as much as I teach them. Each one has a unique vision that is so eye-opening.

Steve Waterman shares photography for fun and relaxation with his wife, Denise.  To support the photography hobby, he practices law, doing commercial litigation and reorganization with an international law firm.

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