Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Time-Lapse Earth ~ Edited by Bruce W. Berry

Milky Way stars and lightning storms over Africa (click any image to see video)
Sarychev Volcano

Get ready to be dazzled by the Earth's night show! All of these images were taken by astronauts onboard the International Space Station. (The ISS orbits our planet about once every 90 minutes and is about 350 Km / 217 miles above the earth.) Many of the images were shot at one frame per second. While this image of the Sarychev Volcano and one other scene was shot in the daytime, all other scenes in this clip were photographed at night. There are images of the Aurora Borealis, moonglow, city lights, stars, and lightning storms. The yellow/greenish line you see above the earth (in the photos below) is Airglow.

Video "Time-lapse EARTH": Although all the time-lapse sequences were taken by the astronauts, and made available for public use, we owe this unique edited compilation to Bruce W. Berry. Berry took all the footage and color graded it, de-noised, de-flickered, slowed it down, and stabilized it into what you see on this video clip. The music for this video is "Manhatta", composed & performed by The Cinematic Orchestra. Here are other frames from this short (4:08) movie:

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