Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Night Photography Instruction: workshops, events, and books

The following is a list of night photographers who offer workshops, events, instruction, books, and tutoring on night photography. Please contact the editor (Royce Bair - at my email address) if you have information for this list:

Mike Pach
    Website • Email • Telephone: 719-260-6637
    Paint Mines Night Photography Workshops near Calhan, Colorado
Paint Mines Interpretive Park

Robert Arn
    eBook: Photography At Night: An Introduction To Astrophotography on a Budget
    PDF Downloads: Free Tutorials and Presentations

From "Inexpensive Astrophotography for the Beginner" ~ a free tutorial by © Robert Arn

Royce Bair (Editor of this blog)
    WebsiteEmail • Telephone: 801-558-2701
    Workshops & free events: NightScape Photography meetup schedule

Royce's "NightScapes" Video demo ~ © Royce Bair

Alister Benn
    Website (on Google+)
    eBook: "Seeing the Unseen" - How to Photograph Landscapes at Night

"Solid Air" (used on his eBook cover, "Seeing the Unseen") ~ © Alister Benn

Mike Berenson
    WebsiteEmail • Telephone: 888-460-8880
    Night Photography Workshops: Colorado, Utah, & Arizona
    Night Photography Blog: "How To" Articles & Tutorials, Product Reviews & more

Lake Irene's Milky Way Mirror

Brad Goldpaint
    Workshops: 2013 schedule for on location workshops
    Private Workshops and small groups
    Online Workshops via Google+ video chat

"Allure of Worlds" ~ © Brad Goldpaint

Phil Hart
    eBook REVIEW: "Shooting Stars" - How to Photograph the Stars & the moon

David Kingham
    WebsiteContact • Telephone: 970-372-0752
    Workshops: 2013 schedule for on location workshops

"Cupid Mountain Milky Way" ~ © David Kingham

Dave Morrow
    Online Tutorial: Star Photography Basics (Free)
    Video Tutorials: Star Photography Post Processing
    Lightroom Presets: Under the Stars Lightroom 4 Presets

"Shoot Me to the Stars" ~ Mt. Rainier from Sunrise Point ~ © Dave Morrow

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