Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Our Night Photography Audience

"Colors of Autumn" © David Cartier, Sr. - Yukon, Canada
 A recent poll shows that 70% of my subscribers are "Serious amateur" photographers, and that the balance (30%) are "Part-time professional" photographers. The other choices were "Occasional hobbyist" photographers, and "Professional" photographers (earning 50% or more of their income from photography). You can take the poll yourself (until October 18, 2012).
David Cartier, our featured photographer, claims to be an "Unemployed Bum", so I don't know where he'd fit if he took that survey ;-). David lives in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada. He has some of the best Northern Lights photos I've ever seen, and many of them were shot on film. A considerable number were taken with an old Russian Kiev-19 35mm SLR. David adds, "This camera , which I still use for night sky photos, NEVER freezes up or has any shutter problems in the cold, even at minus 60!! The more expensive Japanese and German cameras which I own always, or at least often, stop functioning in the deep cold."
I decided to invite the subscribers of my Your Photo Vision blog and newsletter to take this poll (and another poll about their interests) after discovering that a large percentage had interest in doing night photography. Even though that blog covers a wide variety of photo-related subjects, it appears that night photography is of considerable interest to my subscribers (80% wanted to learn and improve on their night photography techniques). Of course, we all wonder about the accuracy of polls, because most of us like to hear the results of a poll, but few of want to participate in taking the poll!

New Poll: What areas of night photography interest you the most? (Multiple answers are allowed.) This poll takes about 40 seconds, and will help drive the direction of my future posts. You can view the results of the poll immediately, and come back later for an update until October 19, 2012.


  1. Thank you for letting me know about your new blog. I love it!

    One of the answers you don't have in your second poll: Inspiration, motivation to get out there when I'd sometimes rather be sleeping. Can you count that as a vote? :)

    1. That is so true -- it does take a lot of motivation to do some of these shots. My wife says it takes her two weeks to get back to a normal sleeping schedule after she's had 3 nights in a row of sleep deprivation from helping me ;-) -Royce

  2. What a gorgeous shot. Of course those of us who live too far south to ever see one of these live and in person find them particularly magical. However, if I'm going to be totally honest, I do think the foreground trees are a little over lit.

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