Monday, January 2, 2017

Private Night Photography Workshops by Royce Bair

A light painted Broken Arch in Arches National Park ~ © Royce Bair
Private Night Photography Lessons in the Field. During this past year, I started offering private, one-on-one night photography workshops, and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Private instruction allows greater flexibility for teaching and offers many additional opportunities for my clients! We can sometimes do as much photography in two nights than you can do in a group situation during three or four nights. Of course, we can also do as much daytime photography as you want (depending on how much sleep you require). The cost is only a little more than a group workshop, but it can actually be equal to or less expensive, when you invite a friend or two to share the costs (maximum of four photographers allowed in a private group). Let me illustrate...

Day rate: I charge $1,200 for the first day of instruction and $950 for each additional day (some photographers book just one day). "Weather" days are $500. Here's a typical fee cost EXAMPLE for two, three and four photographers:

  First Day/night ................... $1,200.00
  Second Day/night (a Weather day)...    500.00
  Third Day/night ...................    950.00
    Total fee cost .................. $2,650.00
    Cost per photographer (when 2)... $1,325.00
    (Cost per photographer, when 3).. $  883.33    
    (Cost per photographer, when 4).. $  662.50    

Definitions: A "Day/night" of photography includes up to 8 hours of my time in guiding and teaching. At least three (3) of those hours will be doing starry night photography. The daytime instruction can be in the field or in the classroom (i.e. image post processing). A tag-along spouse or friend, without a camera, is not considered a "photographer".

Weather Days: In virtually every group workshop I've ever conducted, there are nights where we have so much cloud cover that few stars can be seen or photographed. Although we always try to make good use of the night with "Blue Hour" photography and demonstrating light painting techniques, this is not what you really paid in advance for. When this happens in my private workshops, we just call it a night and rest up for better nights. If I cannot give you at least three (3) hours of starry night photography, I will either prorate you for the time we are able to shoot or charge you a flat $500 fee to cover my expenses for that day.

Travel Expenses: You will cover your own travel expenses for transportation, lodging and meals.

Locations for private workshop lessons can be any place in the world! Any workshop location within 350 miles of my residence includes my travel expenses in the first day rate fee. Examples of workshops that are within this 350-mile radius: Arches National Park, Grand Teton N.P., Yellowstone N.P., Zion N.P., Bryce Canyon N.P., Capitol Reef N.P., Canyonlands N.P. and Grand Staircase-Escalante N.M.

You will also cover my travel expenses for any workshop that is greater than 350 miles from my residence in Salt Lake City, Utah. I will cover my own lodging and meals. For distances greater than 350 miles, you will be charged the following travel expenses, in addition to my day rates:

   351-800 miles (car travel one way): $0.95 per mile*
   Over 800 miles: Actual airfare charges + actual
         car rental fees (we can share this vehicle).
*Example: One of my favorite places in eastern California are the Alabama Hills, near Lone Pine. From this area, you can also visit Mono Lake and the ancient Bristlecone Pines. Google says it's 582 miles from Salt Lake City to Lone Pine —that's 232 miles over my free base distance of 350 miles. At 95 cents per mile, that would be a travel expense of $220. As for your own travel expenses, you would want to fly into Las Vegas and rent a car for driving to Lone Pine (232 miles).

Reserving your date: I charge a $300 deposit to reserve a date. You can reserve up to a six days at a time. There is a deposit fee of $300 for each day you wish to reserve. This one deposit covers all the photographers in your group. I am happy to help you with your travel arrangements and hotel recommendations.

CALL: 801-558-2701 to make your reservations, or EMAIL me at royce.bair[AT]gmail[DOT]com (to prevent spam email, I ask you to substitute the "[AT]" with the "@" symbol and the "[DOT]" with the "." character).

Final payment: I request the balance of my fees (and any travel expenses) 90 days prior to the starting day of your private workshop.

Cancellations and Refunds: You can cancel and receive a full refund (less credit card fees), up to 90 days prior to the event. If you cancel between 60 and 89 days prior to the event, I will refund all but $100.00 of the fees you have paid. If you cancel between 30 and 59 days prior to the event, I will refund 50% of your fees, unless we can find a replacement attendee to take your place. If you cancel less than 30 days prior to the event, none of your fees will refunded, unless we can find a replacement attendee to take your place. The workshop participant acknowledges that if Royce Bair cancels this event, all fees paid will be refunded. Other than this refund, no guarantee or warranty is given or implied.

Eliminating days from your scheduled event: If, after completing at least two of your reserved workshop days, it is decided that you no longer need one or more of your additional reserved days, you will be refunded up to $450.00 for each of those unused days (less credit card processing fees). Travel expenses cannot be refunded.

Recommendations: Read what others have said about my workshops.

Available dates for 2017: At the moment, I have the following dates available (best for starry night photography). Any one or more of these days can be reserved:

  • February 22-25 ~ personal NightScape time
  • Feb. 27 - Mar. 2  ~ personal NightScape time
  • March 23-25 ~ personal NightScape time
  • March 27-30 ~ personal NightScape time
  • April 24-29 ~ personal NightScape time
  • May 16-20 ~ Reserved by "John" and "J.K." (FULL)
  • May 22-26 ~ Reserved for a private workshop (FULL)
  • June 19 ~ personal NightScape time
  • June 20-23 ~ Reserved by "Nancy" and friends (FULL)
  • June 26-27 ~ Reserved by "Teresa" and friends (FULL)
  • July 18-22 ~ Reserved for a private workshop (FULL)
  • July 24-26  (only available if it takes place near Jackson, WY)
  • August 17-19 (only available if it takes place near Jackson, WY)
  • August 21-23 ~ Reserved for a private workshop (FULL)
  • September 18-21 ~ Grand Canyon Milky Way/Rafting Workshop (FULL)
  • October 16-21
Note: The above dates are optimum, or nights with little or no moon interference. You can schedule periods a few days earlier or later than this, but you may lose some night shooting hours due to moon interference. If you are interested in other dates, let me know, and I'll tell you the amount of "Star shooting time" available for those nights, in the location that you wish to photograph.

GROUP Workshops: I also do paid group workshops. Past and future workshops are listed on my NightScape Meetup site. Check out my FREE NightScape PhotoWalks.

NOTE: Royce Bair is President of The Stock Solution, Inc., a Utah corporation, an Authorized Permittee of the National Park Service. "NightScapes," "Into the Night Photography" and "NightScape Photography" are all social media names used by Royce Bair and The Stock Solution, Inc.


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  2. Let me know if you get a schedule for the Tetons night shooting and the group could use another person.,

    ps, do you do any time lapse night sky?

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